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The Lavell Story
Hi my name is Graham and I would like to invite you to come and read my life story and how GOD saved me from Hell . As a child many things direct our lives, our parents, family, relatives, society and in the end ourselves. Sometimes we are not directed in the right way throughout life and this was the case in my upbringing. Like myself and many others, our family did not have christian values and didn't know that God existed. It is because of our own sin that many people are on the road that leads to hell. BUT through Jesus we can be saved and have forgiveness of our sins. I hope that you enjoy reading about my life and please have a look at my photo's and links that I have included. There are no name's in the story, to protect the people involved. All information is correct and true to what I can remember and from welfare files of my life. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- My Life Story (A lot of things have been left out) 1965 - 1973 I was born in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia in 1965. My parents lived at Seven Mile Beach. When I was about 6-8 months old my dad passed away from an asthma attack, and this left my mother alone with four children and one on the way. It was tough for my mum to cope and for some reason when I was about 18 months old my Uncle took care of me. At this time I lived with my Uncle in Lutana, Tasmania and my mother lived about 500 yards away from me, and I did not know that she was even my mother. About the age of four my Uncle did a midnight flick and took his three sons and myself to the mainland, Australia. My Uncle who had care of me told the Welfare Department in Western Australia that my mother gave me to him. But after asking my mother about this she said that he had kidnapped me and that she had been looking for me, (the truth to all of this is still not clear.) Living with my Uncle was not very pleasant, he had me until the age of eight years old. In this time span my uncle raped me, molested and bashed me and this was a continuous thing. The molesting was also done to his other three children. This sort of torture that I endured created a blank spot in my mind, so every time it happened I would just blank it out and not remember it. I thank God that He protected me from remembering this fully. For the Lord has shown me only small bits, but he also showed me that I imagined that I was a mighty warrior angel and I put this in front to guard myself from the things that was happening to me. (For the mighty warrior angel was able to handle it). The rest of the information came from my Uncle's three sons. 1973 1989 (a lot of details I have not put in as would take too long and also you would have nightmares on what happened) I remember the first day I saw my mother, my Uncle took us from the mainland to Tasmania. My Uncle's three boys stayed in the car while he took me inside a house. There on the lounge was a man and a woman, my Uncle said to me "that this is your mother and your step-dad". So I looked at my mother and she had a great big smile on her face and I thought to myself that I have been looking for someone to love me, and I could see that my mother did. My step-dad didn't really look at me nice, but this did not concern me. My Uncle said to me "Do you want to live with your mother, or do you want to come back with me to Victoria". (Why my Uncle had this authority over me is still unsure, how he could have permission like this, consider he is supposed to of kidnapped me). I said "of course, that I wanted to live with my mother." At that moment my Uncle let go of my shoulder, walked out of the front door and to this day I have not seen him. (Information from my Uncles 3 sons, has revealed that he said to them, that he did not want my name spoken or anything said about me ever again as far as he was concerned I was dead to him). I was introduced to my brothers and sisters, by then I had three brothers and four sisters. I thought that it was going to be great living here, but man was I wrong. In the two years of living there I was bashed regularly by my step-dad. Most of my brothers and sisters did all they could to get me into trouble and punished for things that I did not do. I remember one night I was outside in the dark in the snow freezing because my step-dad and mother would not let me come in, and I remember looking up into the dark and asking God to help me. At the time I did not know if He even heard me because I didn't know if there was a God . But in the time of need even a ten year old knows who to call out to. And God did answer my prayers because not long after this the Welfare Department took me from my parents and put me into West wings Boys Home for abused children. At first being at the Boys home was hard to adjust but my older brother was already there so that made it a bit easier. Even after the things that my parents did to me, the first couple of weeks in the home I missed my mother, and I used to cry myself to sleep at night. About the age of 15 I remember one day I was playing with one of the carers’ toy soldiers in the lounge room I was throwing them around like a real war. Then the carer came in and asked me to come with him, so I followed him and he took me to a corridor where only staff were allowed to go, and he suddenly turned around violently and grabbed me around the neck trying to choke me. He lifted me off the ground so my toes were not touching and said to me, "If you ever treat my soldiers like that again I will kill you, do you understand." It was abit hard to say anything but I said "Yes". He let me go, and I just couldn't believe that this was happening in a home that was supposed to protect you. This event started my rebelling and I started smoking and doing things like stealing, break and entry and eventually at 16 they asked me to leave. I left West wings and went into a halfway house but the rebelling kept going. With heaps more stealing, break and entry, malicious damage, to eventually the courts got sick of me and at 18 being a wild street kid, I was sent to jail for 6 months. In jail it was terrible, I felt so let down and depressed about my life and what people had done and what I had done, because all I ever wanted was for someone to love me. In jail I met a pastor and this would have been the first time that I felt the present of God , and at this time I did not ask Jesus into my life. After six months I got out and said to myself that I would never go back there again, and until this day I haven't. But only by luck, because not long after I got out of jail I was back into stealing and break and entering, until eventually facing court again. The prospects of going back to jail were high so I jumped bail and headed to the mainland Australia. I spent awhile in Sydney, and started getting into drugs, and then I went to Brisbane and then onto Townsville, where I got involved with the Salvation Army Welfare Department. Even while I was in Townsville for many years, I still did drugs and sniffed Petrol, and at this stage I was digging myself more and more into trouble. Until one day I decided to go back to Tasmania, even though I knew they had a warrant out for my arrest. At this stage of my life I did many sinful things and shameful things and I was still burying myself deeper into trouble, I was fighting depression, suicide attempts and I hated everything, even myself. I thank God that his hand was still on me, even though I did not know at the time. When I got back to Tasmania, my step-dad told the police and they came and arrest me and I faced court for jumping bail. I was let off with a warning and I thank God now that He had his hand in that. 1989 - 2001 It has finally happened I met my true love, (so I thought) (as it was only the desire of the flesh). My girlfriend and I spent a lot of time together pleasuring the flesh. Until the day it happened when she came to me after we had only been together for six weeks and told me that she was pregnant, my whole world collapsed around me. I felt trapped and had no way out of it, I knew then that I had to make a choice, either to run away from it or to stay and look after the child that was on the way. Some of my family members were saying that it was someone else's baby, and after all of this I stayed with her and my first son was born in 1990. We got married in 1993 and then my second son was born in 1995, and my third son was born in 1997. Life together was not pretty, there was a lot of violence, and that both of us dished out to each other. I kept thinking to myself why I am doing these things, even though I did not want to do them. I wanted my family to be different, I wanted the Lavell name to be different from the rest. But in my strength, and in my sin I could do nothing to change it. I only knew love as violence, but not as a true love that it should be. I was still doing drugs and my wife was in the same boat. My wife was not coming home until early hours of the morning, I worked long hours and looked after the kids. What a life I had!!! One day I thought to myself I have everything I have ever wanted. I have a good job, a wife, my children, my own home, I do not go without anything I want, but still it was not enough, there was still something missing in my life. All I ever wanted was for someone to love me!!! 2001 - 2007 One morning it happened, my wife went out and my children were at school. I put some music on and sat in my arm chair just to relax. Suddenly I felt this enormous amazing feeling go through my body, like something was touching my inner soul, all I remember was that I kept singing out "Oh God, Oh God ". About an hour later the feeling eased and I heard a voice speak to me, and it said; "Come and I will show you", at that time I did not know what this meant, but I answered back and said, "If I come now I will die". I don't know what happened but when I got up I felt so clean and fresh and new, my eyes were opened up that day and I saw everything new. Every sin that I had done, was like it had left me, so I ran to the phone and rang my mother-in-law and asked her 'how do you know when God touches you.' She replied, “It can be a lot of different ways", and I said "I think God touched me". I told my wife when she got home, and she thought that I had gone crazy. About seven days after all the sin that I had done in my life came back upon me like a tonne of bricks and I had a break down, it was just too much to bare. I ended up in hospital and while I was in there I tried to commit suicide just to seek attention, after being in there for three weeks I got out. I knew what I had to do, I had to give my life to Jesus, I did not know how, so I asked my wife and she said to me that she knew someone who was a Christian. In June 2001 I asked Jesus into my life, nothing fantastic happened that day, but I knew the next thing that I had to do was to be baptised. My Pastor at the time said that it would take up to two weeks. I went to my friends place and spoke to him about it, and he said to me, "Just ask God to be baptise in the spirit, for God gives all to those who believe and ask", so I did. That night at my friend’s place I was filled in the Holy Spirit , and what amazing feeling that was, it was like floating on air. Things at home were not going well, my wife wanted me to go back to the way I was, I said "No, I have found my one and true love, I have been looking for this all my life, and that love is Jesus ." In the last five years the Lord has shown me much, there was one night when Jesus woke me up by lifting the roof of the house up, and all around him it glowed white and pure. With His right hand He reached in, and with His finger touched my heart. What an amazing thing this was that Jesus would show himself to me after everything that I had done. I have been touched by the finger of God . Jesus has healed my heart from many things, and He has revealed many things to me and I know that it is only in his strength that I go on. In these years I got divorced, lost my home, my job and my boys live with their mother. But in the Lord's strength I go on. Some days I get abused, I get sworn at, spat on, and death threats, but through all of this I have not retaliated because it is in the Lord's strength not mine. I know that my life is in the Lord's hands and I hope that all mankind will know the Lord as I do, for Jesus is the only way to be saved and forgiven of our sins. It is amazing thing to know God's love and to know that you are forgiven through Jesus His Son. Following Jesus is not a smooth straight path, there will be up and downs and there will be trials, for satan the devil is out there, and all that he wants to do is to destroyed and kill you and make your life miserable, but in Jesus name we can overcome this, for Jesus has overcome all things. The beginning of 2005 took me into helping out with the young children of our church. I was a support helper for the leader of the group. After a couple of months, I was at the youth group helping the leader out, when suddenly I started noticing the leader differently, who happened to be a single woman. At this time it was strange to me as I have worked with this lady for a while now and it never clicked to me before like this, I had an actual attraction to her. I remember that I had noticed her before in church, I used to comment on the way she looked and dressed, but I never actually said this to her, I used to just think of it. But this was totally different and I wasn't really sure on what to do next so I spent a lot of time talking to the Lord about it. I decided to leave it in God's hands. It wasn't to about a month later after I was speaking to the Lord about the situation and my feelings that I had towards this lady. I knew that if I got involved with a lady again that I had particular standards that I needed her to be. These things were: • 1- The lady had to be with the Lord and actually showing the fruit of the spirit (Holy Spirit ). • 2- She had to be working with the youth, as I am in the Lord a Warrior of Youth. Apart from this nothing else mattered. I noticed after a few weeks went by and we seemed to get more and more closely, it was just like it was meant to be. So eventually after speaking to the Lord for a while, I finally asked her out. Praise the Lord she said yes. She is a very beautiful Lady and has a very loving heart, the more we went out the more I fell in love with her. I found out that she was a single mum and had a son aged 14, he is charming and has a very loving heart like his mum. I love him just as much as my own sons. Well cut a long story short we got engaged and in April 2006 we got married. This is just another blessing that the Lord has given me. Each day of our marriage we fall in-love deeper and deeper with each other, and Jesus our Lord is in the centre of our marriage and our family. God has blessed me so much since 2001 and has given back what I had lost. More blessing are yet to come. I thank the Lord Jesus and God my Father for my whole life, for they have taken me from the pits of hell and have given me abundant life through Jesus God's Son. 2007- 27th Sept 2015 As I have said previously it is not always easy and this is an example Even in a church people can hurt you and say things to make you question yourself. My wife was the leader of the youth group and I was her helper, this group had a lot of children in it from grade 3 to grade 6 and had heaps of children every week. One day my wife was approached from the Pastor of the church who said they felt the youth group was not going anywhere and they felt that it needed to be taken over by a qualified Youth pastor and his wife to make it more prosperous. It was taken from my wife and the group was closed down which left the younger youth nowhere to go to hear the word of God and most of these children did not attend a church but were from the neighbourhood. To this day we don’t know why it happened and what the reason was behind it. (We have forgiven these people for this) From then onwards satan came in and had a field day, it became hard to attend church and see the people that closed the group and not place support with the group and it became boring, and with this my wife and I became that we could not trust the leaders in the church and eventually left the church and stopped reading the bible and listening to Christian music. For 9 years my wife and I did not attend any church to worship or listen to the word of Go d, but I did not give up. Every single night I prayed to God to help us, to protect us, to guide us and raise us up, every night for 9 years, I never missed this. Over these nine years my wife and I lost the connection between ourselves and daily life routines got in the way which concluded in us getting separate beds to sleep in, my wife working all day and on the computer or watching tv at night, and myself being on the computer playing games, and because of this our communication between us was next to nothing. My love for my wife never changed and same with hers but my direction changed and not in the right direction, but took me into sin. (Even though I didn’t realise I was going into the sin). “One thing I do know is never give up in prayer and always ask Lord for help as you know he will always answer you eventually”. 28th Sept 2015 - present Guess what God has answered me.. What a night, G od spoke to me all night long, and this week we will be going back to church. God has done a miracle in my life, what it was I cannot say about it yet until its fulfilment is complete, (but I will put it in when it’s done). And this is the reason why we have gone back to church. Wasn’t my wife shocked when I told her this Sunday we were going back to church and attending the church I first went to and not our old church? After this we began to read the bible every day and Christian music is constantly being played in our house and car. What a change God has made in our family. The beds are back as one and every night we pray together and we talk constantly, the television at night has not been on, which my wife is surprised with herself she hasn’t missed it. I haven’t been on the computer since to play any games. Isn’t it amazing what God can do when he puts his hand on you and change your life in an instant? What a wonderful beautiful loving father I have in Heaven, and a loving beautiful Lord Jesu s who is the Christ Son of the one and true living God . Jesus said he will never leave you and forsake you and he will always be with you. Even though we moved away from the L ord he never did, he stayed with us. Last few weeks I have grown so much in the Lord and feel so strong that I feel like a mighty warrior angel and can do anything in the name of the Lord with power and might. I have gone through temptation of the devil, that if you fail on them it will stop your spiritual growth, but in the Lords strength I was able to stand, not in my strength, only his strength. I remember when the Lord asked me to drink from the cup (I think this was the same cup that Jesus drank on the cross). I drank as much as I could until I was full. I went to my first connect group and the Lord ask me to pray for someone, and the Holy Spirit spoke and there was an interpreter there who said “that the 3 in the triangle is now complete”, this message was for me because I had a dream and the Lord shown me 3 people in the triangle and the 1st one reached up into heaven and started speaking in tongues, the 2nd did the same and the 3rd person in the triangle was myself. I interned reached up into heaven and started speaking tongue as the same as the other two did. Then I woke up from my dream and was speaking in tongue. I remember this dream, I had it back in 2001, not long after I first gave my heart to Je sus. It represents the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit a nd now we are complete as one. I remember the Lord was going through my mind and opening up all the locked corridors of my mind, and they looked like playing cards with pictures on them of my life events. And each door he unlocked it hurt my mind with seeing what was there and the Lord took me right back when I was a child being born and saw myself as a baby being born, and he even showed me right back to the time of conception. (In doing this the Lord revealed to me that he has known every part of me before I was born) After drinking from the cup I noticed the next few days that the sin in my life that I did in the last 9 years of not going to church or following Christ properly started to manifest itself and becoming real within me, but not coming real by flesh but spiritually. At the same time in return I manifested the warrior angel that I used to imagine when I was a child become real within me, now at the same time the Holy Spirit has come forward to protect me, at the same time satan put his input in as well. I know this because I had a vision where satan and myself were before God , and Jesus his son at the throne room and satan was accusing me to Go d of the sins I had committed, and I remember turning and looking at him and how I hated him so much for the things he was saying. All the manifestations were getting stronger and stronger until I came to a realisation that all that was happening was actually sin in my life. I came to realise that the warrior angel was my defence system that I used and then the Lord relieved to me what actually happened to me when I was a child when I was with my uncle. And all this had to be dealt with and I felt the wrath of God on me. And then I just collapsed and broke down and sobbed and sobbed and then the love of Jesus poured into my heart because I asked him to forgive me of my sins. Three things happened that night •1st healing of my past was done when I was a child •2nd the love of Jesus was introduced to my spirit and I was forgiven of my sins. •3rd all the manifestations that was there at the time disappeared and was gone. Now I know what it is like to be disciplined by my Father. This is all easy to read but try going through it for real, it was pretty bad- a lot of parts I have left out as it would give you nightmares. Every day I feel the love of Jesus growing stronger and stronger in my heart, and I feel within myself that I am now growing stronger in the Lord , as I am in the Lord and not as a manifested, as I first was doing. (Without the Warrior Angel) Now I am myself and free from all past life events and sins. And I know now that I belong to Jesus and he will never let me go and now I have the love in my heart that I have been looking for my whole life, we are now complete as one. Will continue on as new events occur More blessing are yet to come. I thank the Lord Jesus and God my Father for my whole life, for they have taken me from the pits of hell and have given me abundant life through Jesus God's Son . I asked God my Father to bless, touch and reveal himself to you the reader of this true story. May God's grace and mercy be upon you. You too can know the unconditional love of God , that is in the Son . For only through Jesus can you be save and forgiven of your sin , for no one comes to the Father except through the Son . If you wish to know more about Jesus and how to receive Him into your life, to be your Lord and Saviour , just click on the link ( Learn more about Jesus ) on page - what saved me . God bless you all keep coming back as I will be updating regularly of any exciting events that happens in my life. Thanks Graham
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